Wednesday, 3 August 2011

Your Experience with Work Experience

Sorry I haven't posted in a while.

I am aware that data input and photocopying is a favourite job to give to Work Experience students as they tend not to be  trained in the field of Law. So I was wondering if anyone has had any Work Experience that was incredible and which they will never forget?

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  1. Most of my legal work experience has been quite boring... sorry to disappoint.

    My school work experience placement with a dentist was actually more exciting... which says quite a lot! :-(

  2. I found mine rather interesting whether that is because I am easy to amuse or because I was lucky with the placements I found I dont know, although im pretty sure its the latter. I guess placements become more engaging once you have started studying law and have some understanding of the legal system?

  3. The work experience placement I had with a solicitor's firm 1 and half years ago was quite interesting as well. Yeah, so I did get a lot of photocopying, faxing and other menial jobs to do but I also was able to read parts from two different case bundles that the solicitors put together and I was able to shadow one of the solicitors on two of her appointments (apart from during the personal moments of course!)

    Out of interest, when will you be entering university? September 2012?

  4. I found that quite interesting during my placement. Although rather overwhelming, some of the paper work was actually quite interesting.
    Yeah I have literally just sent off my UCAS :/ not comes the nerve racking wait...

    And yourself?

  5. I am a first year law student, and i've worked for about 2 months at a solicitors firm and i found that it can be interesting if you like the field that it is in. I worked with crimianl defence (which i hope to go in to) and it gave me a really rich insight into what to expect.
    And also it looks great on your CV!!!
    Good luck with your UCAS application, you should be grateful you've got it out of the way it was a real headache for me to deal with it!! :)

  6. I found it incredibly hard, without any family contacts in law, to fin work experience. However, the time spent searching paid off and I found my time in the work placement very interesting. I still think work experience in the legal sector for A-Level students should become more available as it gives you so much more to talk about on your university application.