Sunday, 1 December 2013

Vacation Scheme Applications

I am currently in the process of filling out my vacation scheme applications, and I have found it far more challenging than I first thought I would. On the face of it, writing about yourself and your experiences seems pretty straightforward. However, when I got around to it, having to consider what I gained from my experiences and activities was not so simple. It's not something people tend to think about on a day to day basis (or at least I don't).

Throughout my time at school I have always been told what to learn. Both in exams, and in my applications to universities, there has always been a sense of having to "jump through hoops" and display what the exam boards and universities want. The experience of having to actually analyse my life and consider what I have learnt from it seems, to me, to be a relatively new one. Although, I guess, there are always templates and recommendations for how job and internship applications should be filled out, to me they seem to require a far more personal touch.

Filling out the applications has been interesting, as I feel the it has taught me a lot. It has taught me to look at the events around me and develop my own opinion on them, as well as allowing me to look more deeply at how my life, and the experiences I have gained in it, have shaped who I am today.

Saturday, 20 July 2013

Dedication and my writing style

I have been struggling for a while now to find the motivation to dedicate more time to this blog. Despite having things to say about cases or articles I've read, I never seem to find the time to write my thoughts down. In part, I feel in doing this, my writing style has suffered. I have always been in awe of my friends for their ability to construct eloquent sentences, and for the vocabulary they use. I may be wrong, but I believe now that this is simply because they write more than me. They have had more practice.

I have decided that if I cannot motivate myself simply to write down my thought, I should use my wish to improve my writing style as the motivation I so desperately need.

Any advise from others on how I can improve writing style would be greatly appreciated.

Wednesday, 17 July 2013

Work Placement Attire

From the student who is a work experience first timer, to the more experienced student,  what to wear when you are going for a placement at a law firm can be confusing. Following the likes of Harvey Spector in the TV show Suits, we would think nothing less than a suit and wide tie would suffice. However, is the true to reality?

From my experience, though limited, there is no harm in dressing smart casual. Many work places will accept a shirt and smart trousers, without a jacket or tie. Granted if you are attending something more formal, like a meeting, smarter attire will be expected. A similar principle applies to women. A simple smart skirt and shirt or plain dress (nothing too fancy) is fine. The main thing to remember is that you must look presentable enough to leave a lasting positive impression. 

That said, it can be a good idea to take the "better to be overdressed, than underdressed" approach. You will soon gage on your first day what the office expects. Furthermore, it might be wise to send an email prior to your arrival, asking what the dress code for an intern is. It may differ from that of a full time employee.

I personally tend to wear a suit and tie. I have often been told at placements it's not necessary,  but it is simply my preference.

I am not necessarily correct,  these are just my views.

Please share your ideas in the comments bellow

Wednesday, 10 April 2013

Work Attire

I am intending to write and article soon regarding suitable attire when working at a law firm, or corporation for that matter. I have no expertise in the field, but as I hope one day to be an intern, I thought it was worth considering. Anyone's input would be great!

Sunday, 31 March 2013

I'm Back

After a long break I have decided to start blogging again. This could be in an act of procrastination, as I'm supposed to be writing an essay on the case of Sienkiewicz v Grief, or the fact I actually feel I have something to contribute now that I am studying law.

My essay is supposed to be on the tests of causation in cases such as those involving mesothelioma and how these were impacted by Sienkiewicz v Grief. I then have to go on to explore whether the the rule developed in Sienkiewicz v Grief should be applied to the tort of negligence as a whole. Not quite sure where to start with this question, however, I have an introduction written.

I promise future posts will be less about myself and slightly more interesting.